Hop Poles Thu, Dec 14 2017 19:00

Merry Quizmas Everyone

James B

What a CRACKER of a quiz for our Christmas Special. We had a huge PRESENTS at the quiz this week with a lot of WISE MEN (and also women). After a bit of SHEPHERDing people around to fit them all on tables we got down to quizness.
With a lot of festive puns and some amazing jumpers we had 'The Quizzly Bears' who SLEIGHed the quiz and finally got first place (unlike In First Place who came second).
We also had the true STARs, the Bush Brainboxes who won the jackpot game, alas only getting a box of chocolates as opposed to the massive jackpot.
Which means that next year we will have a jackpot of £254! I can't begin to MANGER this information!
Have a good Christmas and New Year! Don't be RUDE(OLF) to your family. And dont catch TINSELitus.

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