Hop Poles Thu, Oct 05 2017 19:00

'Quiztopher Columbus' discovers VICTORY

James B

An even busier week at the quiz tonight with seven teams battling it out to win the jackpot of £94 and a £30 bar tab!
And what a night it was. We had some free drinks won by Dave (who knows a lot about art) and Mike (who knows a lot about America).
We had in second to last place again, 'The Aussie Battlers'.
Winning the quiz we had the new team, 'Quiztopher Columbus'.
And winning the Jackpot game (but not the jackpot) were two men called 'Flying Pigs', who knew far too much about the online pornography industry. Rather than being shunned from society they instead got a box of chocolates. In this quiz, much like life, you never know what you are going to get.
See you next week for a jackpot of £117!!!

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