Hop Poles Thu, Nov 02 2017 19:00

Quiztopher Columbus Discovers VICTORY!

James B

A chaos filled quiz this week with all manner of notable historic events.
We had some free drink questions won by a man who claims that saying “I like your forehead” is a compliment and a latecomer to the quiz who likes oddly shaped hair.
In First Place won the Jackpot Game again but this time only got a rather degrading lap dance from the Quizmaster.
We had a game of Rock Paper Scissors (to the death) to find out who won a bottle of win (it was Rich from Quizzly Bears).
Finally the ginormous team, Quiztopher Columbus, despite having 4 points deducted for being so darn popular, ended up winning the £30 bar tab.
Next week our jackpot is £79 so do not miss it!

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Top Teams
Quiztopher Columbus
In First Place
Quizzly Bears
Andy’s Hair
One Man Army (until Alice and Lulu showed up)