Hop Poles Thu, Dec 07 2017 19:00

Work Night Out Works Out For Pete

James B

Twas the week before the Christmas special
And all through the quiz
All the players were writing
And getting down to biz

I can’t keep this up but suffice to say we had over 50% work Christmas dos this week and we had a ball!
In First Place came in first place and got a £30 bar tab.
Work do SCENED came second to last (with fierce competition) and got a bottle of red wine.
Vince from Val’s Angels got a chance at the jackpot (£190) but alas picked the wrong envelope and got a haiku instead.
That means there are just 4 envelopes left and a whopping £227 to be won next week!

And for those interested, here is the haiku

Vince you handsome man
You didn’t win the jackpot
But here’s a haiku

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