Hop Poles Thu, Apr 26 2018 19:00

You Only Quiz Twice

James B

A really fun quiz this week in which everyone walked away from a winner (to varying degrees).
Top of the leaderboard and walking away with a £30 bar tab was a team who collected other lost quizzers to make one uber team of strangers (who then became best friends), despite one of them trying to poison another team member, it was 'Quiz On My Face'.
In second to last place, which was also second place, we’re three young men who named their team after their fidget spinners. I am assured that they are all above the age of 18 through which raises a lot of questions. They left with a bottle of wine.
Although 'Quiz Akabusi' came in the last place, they won the jackpot game! Alas, they didn’t take away £177. Instead, they got a bottle of chocolates due to Michael’s poor choices.
That means next week we have four envelopes and a jackpot of £188!!!

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