Island Queen Tue, Feb 06 2018 20:00

Ten points for tenacity

Jodyanne F

Teams shrugged off the winter chill by nestling down at The Island Queen this evening and warming themselves with knowledge power. 'Geoffrey Howe's Barmy Army' was in the lead by the end of the first half with Alleonie close on their heels but it was all change by the end of the evening as the sneaky lads from 'Corn Again Christians' came up the fast track to take the top prize £32 kitty. Almost winners 'Geoffreys Howe's Barmy Army' were consoled with the £8 second prize whilst newcomers and namesmiths 'The Actual Morons' triumphed at the other end of the table by landing in the second to last position. A bottle of house red was their just desserts.
Everyone was drinking whiskey and rye as they listened to Eddie Nestor's daily delivery and watching Verbal slink away but only Alleonie could see the colour of the vines.
Join us next week for your chance to win.

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