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A rose by any other name

Tok A

If you've ever taken part in a question One quiz and won the £50 bar tab, enjoyed a fantastic night of great food or maybe bought twelve jaeger bombs, you'll probably remember that evening as a fantastic night out. But have you ever gone back? Are you under the impression that lightning doesn't strike twice? A United States park ranger was hit by lightning SEVEN times and lived to tell the tale after every encounter! Now if that can happen, surely it possible that you can win the quiz yet again. It's not greedy, on the contrary it's innovation, it's drive, it's what put man on the moon, I mean it's wha can get you another £50 bar tab! I've seen teams win two weeks in a row and have even head rumour of Ines winning four weeks in a row! So chances are, if you were the smartest team one week, you may be the smartest then next week too.
Just saying.

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