Italian Job, Notting Hill Thu, Oct 26 2017 19:00

Came for dinner? Stay for quiz

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If you’re a local in the Notting Hill/Westbourne Park area or just a lover trying out new gorgeous bar/restaurant combinations, you may have heard of or come across the Italian Job. No? Well it’s a fairly new bar (An Italian Craft Beer Bar to be specific) that boasts a fantastic selection of local craft beers with a fairly sizeable restaurant area designated for those who want to be blown away by authentic and AFFORDABLE Italian food.

Sound good? Well here’s the second part. Imagine discovering all of this, booking a table for Free for you and your friends to then turn up and discover there’s a pub quiz taking place -
Now once you’re asked “Hey guys would you like to take part in tonight’s Pub quiz, it’s onlt £2 per person to play” there’s sum uming and ahhhing along the lines of “mmmm is it hard?” or “oh we’re really not that bright to be honest” which is totally understandable. But yesterday the group of people who were met with this exact same conundrum decided to take a chance. “oh what the hell - let’s play what have we got to lose!” They said.

An hour and a half later that exact same group of people walked away with a £50 bar tab that they used to cover their entire evening. So if you ever decide to book a table at the Italian Job on a Thursday night...... just think about it.... a pub quiz..... really..... what have you got to lose - £2..... but what have you got to WIN? Well an evening of a lifetime in my humble opinion. ;-)

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