Italian Job, Notting Hill Thu, Jul 27 2017 19:00

Everyone's a winner at the Italian

Tok A

In a quiz where the winning prizes are first place - £50 bar tab, second to last place - bottle of wine and two FREE DRINK questions at the end of each half, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that there's a high chance of you walking away with something absolutely FREE! In an exquisite Italian pub that's only been open for a few weeks on a Tuesday night lies the Question One pub quiz. It's still fairly knew so not that many people know about it which means that usually there aren't that many teams. So if there are only three teams taking part in a quiz where you can win four prizes.... well you do the maths - it's a garuantee of satisfaction.
Get yourself down to the Italian Job in Notting Hill quickly before word spreads and the comptetition begins to grow because bealive you me, it will. The food here is phenomenal and gems this sensation don't stay a secret for long in this overcrowded city. What are you waiting for?

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