Italian Job, Notting Hill Thu, Sep 14 2017 19:00

Family Feud? More like PUB QUIZ!

Tok A

Ever watched a game show like The Price is Right or Catchtphase at the dinner table with some frozen fish fingers and chips with the family? Ever cringed an squirmed at the repeatedly incorrectly answered questions thinking "Oh come on?! How on Earth could you not know the capital of Australia?" Ever just sat there at home thinking "Good lord fish fingers and chips is a pretty disastrous choice for a meal anywhere ever?
Well then ladies and gentlemen, I know where you've been going wrong.
You and your family shouldn't be sat at home watching hapless hopefuls fail miserably at popular knowledge questions - you should all make the journey to the Italian Job bar in Notting Hill and take part in a pub quiz! You just need a family of more than three and heck, you can even play against each other! Stop leaving it to those who just aren't as intelligent as you know you are, put a Thursday evening aside and put your knowledge to the test.

P.S - there food is SIGNIFICANTLY better than fish fingers and chips. I mean, come on it's Italian cuisine. You don't even need to be smart to know the choice to make there.

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