Italian Job, Notting Hill Thu, Sep 21 2017 19:00

Lightning can strike THREE times?

Tok A

There's a team at the Italian Job quiz night who have won the quiz every time they have played it. A group of a few Americans and one Canadian who, on average, rack up a score of over 36 out of 40 answers. Some people would perhaps suggest foul play as they also tend to win the odd free drink question here and there (wanna know what a free drink question is? There's only one way to find out) but I am always stood inches away from them and I will admit they are very well behaved and play by the rules.

So are they just geniuses? Are they quiz extraordinaires a who spent the other six days of the week brushing up all things popular knowledge in the hope of winning £50? Are they just plain lucky and have all of the cards quite literally in their favour?
To be quite frank, I don't know the answer. I find it can sometimes be quite insulting to be continuously surprised by a teams intelligence and to not question it but rather marvel at it. But if you any thing about physics (we'll come and do the quiz brainiac!) you'll know that what goes up, MUST come down. There will be a team that beats their score, they're not invincible. But that will only happen if a team equally intelligent and fortunate comes along.

Oh where or where will I find them? I hope wondering around Westbourne Park on a Thursday night - desperate for a good night. I can certainly help them and maybe, just maybe, they can possibly help me.

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