Italian Job, Notting Hill Thu, Aug 10 2017 19:00

No Need to Panick

Tok A

What I'm beginning to learn as I continue on my journey down as a quizmaster is that as humans (particularly British ones), we sometimes have a real tendency to underestimate ourselves. We like to think that we're not as pretty as we are or as successful as others and certainly not as smart. This can be a real hinderance on our lives. However, one thing we also have another tendency for is the ability to just say "you know what, what have I got to lose?!" And this trait in my opinion is what separates us from any other animal. An exaggeration? Maybe yes it's not an entirely scientific statement in the laws of biology. But in the laws of Quizing, the team that thinks they're going to do terribly and that I always have to say "just try your best guys you never know you might do better than you think" end up winning. No, seriously - pretty much every time.
You underestimate your intelligence at your own peril, it's saving you from really getting somewhere in life (not to mention winning a £50 bar tab)

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