Italian Job, Notting Hill Thu, Aug 17 2017 19:00

Perfect English not needed

Tok A

Who knew that Ophidiophobia was an abject fear of snakes?! Or that 2 actually IS a prime number. They sound like the answers to very intricate and brainy questions (that I a now seasoned quiz master didn't know the answer to) that only the most experienced quizheads would know the answers to. And yet, at the Italian Job Thursday night quiz - a team of 3 Italians who did not have perfect English by anyone's standards knew the answers to those questions. In fact, they knew the answers to a lot of things that the team of physicists next to them didn't. So now it's proven. One woman and a dog can succeed, a hung over couple of teenagers can succeed and now also a group of people who don't even speak perfect English can walk away with £50 worth of gorgeous food and wine. I mean, this whole quiz thing never ceases to amaze me.

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