Italian Job, Notting Hill Thu, Nov 02 2017 19:00

The Italian Job

Tok A

No not the movie nor the daily tepid and pointless remake..... the Italian Craft beer bar in Notting Hill. A bar which in my humble opinion serves the best pub food in the whole of West London. Boasting a gorgeous dinning area and beautiful lounge chairs for those who either want a quiet and serene meal or instead a few pints to sit and watch the game with.

In addition to all of this they also have a pub quiz there every Thursday night. Unlike most pub quizzes the atmosphere and participants varies week by week. Sometimes it can be a quiet intimate affair, whereas other times it can resemble an episode of The Price is Right. I’ve seen a team take part in the quiz, come in last place and yet with the jackpot round only to walk away with over £250.
I’ve seen a family take their mother out on her birthday intending to just take part in a quiz for “the heck of it”, know hardly any of the answers and yet leave with a free bottle of wine-the perfect gift for a mother.
Groups of work friends with over ten in each team or a double date split in to two waring factions, both determined to impress the women they were with.

All in all I’ve seen a lot at this quiz and I think you should to. You owe it to yourself if you enjoy a drink and a good time.
Thursday nights. The Italian Job: five minute walk from Westbourne Park station.

Your welcome.

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