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Warm up with a pub quiz

Tok A

It's getting darker earlier now isn't it. Daylight saving time is only a week away and before you know it, it'll look like midnight at 5pm at night. I can speak for myself as a sun and daylight lover and say that I tend to dread the winter and I'm almost certain so many more of you out there do.
But I know that with ever negative that approaches, a positive can be found somewhere. Winter holds space to some of the best calendar events of the year such as Halloween, bonfire night, CHRISTMAS and just about any and every excuse to drink warm wine after work. It's also going to be flipping freezing outside and terribly boring inside at home and so I suggest you do what I do to continue to survive and thrive through the cold winter months; spend your evenings in the pub. It's glorious here's mulled wine, warm fire places and pub quizzes! Everyone knows there's no better way to keep warm than to keep your brain pumping fast and a pub quiz of 20 questions a round ought to really hit the spot.
Just think about it, a gorgeous hot drink of your choice, some food and all of your best work or wherever mates sat round a table competing for free even more free food and drink!
I mean it's either that or curl up in bed watching the price is right but come on - don't let the weather stop you. Get out of the house and into the pub.
Thursdays at 7pm? It's gonna be dark and cold outside but at the Italian Job I guarantee you it'll be warm and friendly. X

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