Jackdaw & Star Tue, Mar 14 2017 20:00

Quiz Night

Pádraig L

So three Unionists ( England ,Scotland,Wales) were probing up the bar - a bar stacked high with erudition and the hard won knowledge consumed along with thousands of of pints over the decades. Opposing them were the grudgingly named Quiz Stains who numbered 8 in total and gave them an distinct advantage. Pass the tequila were feeding their pup a Jack Russel crossed with a Staff and the pungent smell of canned dog food wafted over their table. There were only ever two teams it; Unionists and Stains. It came to a tie break - both teams guessed correctly that 11 was the most highest amount of goals ever scored in total during a premier ship game.... So I asked them to guess the date of my birthday! You quiz master was flattered and the Stains won it by a whisker.

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