The Yard, Clapham Sun, May 13 2018 20:00

A Dramatic Finale to a Very Close Competition

Jo S

We have not seen such an exciting end to a quiz at The Jam Tree in a long time. It is true that a tie-break is always a pretty dramatic occurrence at any time, but tonight's tie-break was a particularly spectacular thing to behold. "Team Bertie" and "Tipping the Velvet" having drawn with 39 points apiece, were faced with the deciding question: "For how many days did the Falklands War last?", which is a fairly obscure statistic to know off the top of one's head, and I think I am safe in saying that none of tonight's players did, so they set about guessing. The possibilities started to fly, and they were quite sane tries (42, 60, 100...) and then just as we were beginning to think we might all be there for a while, one player very calmly offered "74 days?", and won "Tipping the Velvet" £50.00 worth of drinks! There was something about the randomness of that number, and the pondering tone with which it was proposed that was quite, quite beautiful.

Seriously well done to all the players tonight! We look forward to next week's quiz, which will hopefully be just as exciting!

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