Jam Tree, Clapham Sun, Apr 22 2018 20:00

A Grand Night For Quizzing!

Jo S

What a beautiful night for a quiz! And the atmosphere in The Bookcase Bar was wonderfully summery tonight as a cool breeze drifted in from the open French windows, as six teams competed for that highly coveted £50.00 bar tab.

And while the temperature remained nice and cool, the sparks were definitely flying with all that brain power being used as our players plumbed the depths of their memories to retrieve the names of cricketers, works of literature the name of the bass player from "The Police".

All the teams did very well, but the title was once again taken by the phenomenal duo "Andy & Dave" who scored a monumental 44 points! They were closely followed by returning team "Say No if you're a Virgin" with a fantastic 40 points, and first-time Jam Tree quizzers "Team Annika" with an excellent 37.

So join us again next week for another shot at that title, and a chance to win a £50.00 bar tab.

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Top Teams
Andy & Dave
Say No if You're a Virgin
Team Annika
4 Poles & 2 Holes
Knot a Group of Toads