The Yard, Clapham Sun, Apr 01 2018 20:00

Eggstraordinary Turnout for the Easter Sunday Quiz

Jo S

Chocolate really must be good for the brain, because in The Bookcase Bar at The Jam Tree in Clapham we saw an amazing battle of wits as 7 teams (a total of 40 players) competed for the highly coveted £50.00 bar tab this Easter Sunday.

The points flew and the spirits soared, and at half time the teams were fighting hard to get ahead, with single points and halves of points being the difference between the top, second and third spots on the leader board. But as we entered round II, one team's luck was clearly in as they sped out in front to win with a 5 point advantage.

At the end of the quiz, two teams were tied in third place: "The Solipsists", accompanied by the beautiful dog Rhubarb, and "The Pendulum", both with 34 points. In second place, with a brilliant 40 points we had "Charlie". But 5 points ahead, and this week's winners were the incredible "Cheetahs" with an incredible 45 points!

Thank you so much to everyone who chose to spend their holiday quizzing with us. Happy Easter to all!!!

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