Jam Tree, Clapham Sun, Mar 25 2018 20:00

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Jo S

Tonight in The Bookcase Bar in The Jam Tree in Clapham Old Town we saw 6 amazing teams battle it out for the highly coveted £50.00 bar tab. Among them were many returning faces (welcome back "Drawing of a Co*k", "Agatha Quiz Team" and last week's winners: "Tom's Girlfriend") as well as lots of fresh blood who came from far and wide ("The Kiwi Lazers" all the way from the Antipodes, and half of "Blonde Moment" hailed all the way from Canada!). And it must be said that the collective pool of knowledge in the room tonight was extraordinary!

Our teams breezed through tonight's geography, politics, and commerce questions, and even advertising was no problems for our players, even when the adverts in question had never played in their respective homelands. Two of our larger teams tied in 3rd place with a brilliant score of 29, one team (our beloved "Agatha Quiz Team") took second place with 30 points, but this week's winners with an outrageously impressive score of 38.5 points(!) were the amazing duo "Drawing of a Co*k"), proving definitively that when it comes to quiz teams, size really doesn't matter.

Please join us next week for another exciting quiz! Until then, keep warm, and remember: no matter how arbitrary the fact you pick up over the course of the week, on a Sunday night, it could be worth £50.00 in drinks!

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