The Yard, Clapham Sun, Feb 11 2018 20:00

It Ain't Over Until The Fat Lady Sings

Jo S

There was no way anyone could have predicted the outcome of tonight's quiz at The Jam Tree in Clapham. I have never before seen such a dramatic turn around in the results at the ends of the first and second round. Tonight in The Bookcase Bar, three teams braved the bitter cold to join us and go all out to compete for the highly coveted £50 bar tab. And at the end of the first round, I would have put money on "Let's Get Quizzical" who led with 14 points walking a sure path to victory, followed by "The Black Pen" on 12, leaving "Stressy Bessy & Co" who had 11.5, in last place.

But as Texas Tech sports information director Ralph Carpenter said in 1976 (and in doing so coined a well-known phrase): "[it] ain't over until the fat lady sings", and at the end of the second half, after the music round complete, and once the singing female had very definitely finished her warble, the scores looked very different. "The Black Pen" formerly in second place had gone down to third with 25.5, "Let's Get Quizzical" who were set to win the title had slipped into second place with 33 points, and "Stressy Bessy & Co" had risen mightily from third place to become this week's winners with a score of 34.5 - an extraordinary feat!

We hope very much to see these new teams back soon, along with all of our beloved familiar faces. Until next week, keep warm!

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