The Yard, Clapham Sun, Jan 28 2018 20:00

It's The Quiet Ones You Need To Watch

Jo S

In The Bookcase Bar at The Jam Tree in Clapham we had a lovely crowd of teams quizzing with us this evening, as were joined by some of our favourite returning players, and a whole lot of delightful new ones. And tonight the scores were very high. Two new teams took second and third place this week - 'Five Spice' scoring an impressive 33.5 points were beaten to second place by 'Under Pressure' who scored one point more and gained an amazing 34.5. But it was the tiny team in the corner consisting of two quiet girls, who knew everything from their Colonel Sanders chicken spice recipes, to their old-school psychological test names, and who took the title tonight, scoring a phenomenal 37 points! About the only thing they didn't know was that Yertle the Turtle was King of Dr. Seuss's Pond, but then nobody including myself knew that! Perhaps we don't eat enough green eggs and ham...

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