The Yard, Clapham Sun, Aug 26 2018 20:00

The Night of the Knights of the Round Table

Jo S

A huge thank you to all of tonight's quizzers who battled on despite the impossible sound situation. We really appreciate your patience and good will, without which we would not have been able to run.

All 8 teams demonstrated and an amazing range of general knowledge from current international politics to popular culture of the 1980's, from Latin translations to the animal kingdom. The victory was had by "Quizzy Maguire" who, as our largest of tonight's teams occupied the roundtable, and scored an amazing 34 points. But special praise must go to "Quiz on the Curtains" the team who came second with an impressive 31 points, and who consisted of just two players, one of whom had never quizzed before tonight. Guys, you were phenomenal.

Once again, thank you to all our quizzers for bearing with us this evening. Do join us again next week, when we hope to be much, much LOUDER!!!!

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Top Teams
Quizzy Maguire
Quiz on the Curtains
And in Second Place
Brummies Are Us
Jeremy Paxman
And Then There Were 2
Stockwell Mob
Bichie's Ritchez