The Yard, Clapham Sun, Aug 05 2018 20:00

There's No Place Like Home

Jo S

Tonight the Sunday night quiz at The Jam Tree was back with a vengeance, and as the questions began to roll, so more and more players decided to join. Tonight we learnt that the capital city Rekyavik directly translates from Icelandic as 'Smokey Bay'; that Coca-Cola was the invention of one John Pemberton in 1886, and that Walt Disney achieved a somewhat flabbergasting 59 Oscar nominations!

We saw an excellent performance from all our players tonight, but fate seemed to be smiling down on our visitor from Canada, who was the only player who could successfully identify the Canadian National Anthem as 'O Canada'. Her team "Quizzy Maguire" were this week's winners with an impressive 28.5 points!

Do join us next week in The Bookcase Bar, when we shall once again be playing for that highly coveted £50.00 bar tab, and the chance to become quiz champions of The Jam Tree.

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