Jam Tree, Clapham Sun, Feb 25 2018 20:00

Two-gether They're Unstoppable

Jo S

Tonight's quiz at The Jam Tree in Clapham saw 5 teams battle it out in a very lively test of general (and not so general) knowledge. Our two larger groups, "You're A Quizzard Harry" and "Georgia's Quizzening", comprising of 6 players each, pooled their extensive knowledge and by the end of the first round were neck and neck with 13 points apiece. But not for the first time, it was the two quiet ladies at the back who shot ahead with an impressive 3 point lead.

The challenge was set, and there was a definite renewed sense of determination across the teams as we entered into the second half, and an astonishing number of points were scored. At the end of round 2, "Georgia's Quizzening" managed to overtake "You're A Quizzard Harry", scoring an amazing 33 points putting them 4 points ahead of their follow sextet. But our our returning ladies seem to have brought their winning streak with them, because this is the second time they have played, and the second time they have won. And with quite a significant lead. Ladies and gents, tonight "Single Spies" scored 37 points, and it seems they are unstoppable. Have you got what it takes to beat them? Come to The Jam Tree next Sunday and find out...

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