Jam Tree, Clapham Sun, Jan 14 2018 20:00

We'll Have Whatever They're Drinking

Jo S

Tonight's quiz at The Jam Tree in Clapham saw four determined teams battle it out in The Bookcase Bar for the top prize. We had two new teams and two returning teams, and it quickly became a close race between one new and one returning team. New-comers 'Bonne Maman' impressed with an excellent 32 points, but were out-quizzed by the winning team who scored a fantastic 37.

I don't know what their secret is, but I for one would like to know what they're drinking because team "Better Late Than Pregnant" have won for the second week in a row! It's true that their numbers have increased (they started as a pair, and are now a band of seven), and this week, for the first time ever we saw a young lady quizzing amongst their ranks, which is without doubt an invaluable asset when it comes to answering questions about Madonna's bra...

We do hope you'll join us next weekend for another evening where mental dexterity is paramount, and general knowledge can win you drinks.

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