Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, Oct 09 2018 20:00

A Prophet Is Without Honour

Keith H

The heading of tonight's blog is especially for tonight's youngest (and possibly our youngest ever??) competitor. I'm guessing 10-ish? and frighteningly full of information! Oh, Tuesday Club, Oh, Tuesday Club! How often did I hear the words 'Mum, that's what I SAID!'. Though, to be perfectly honest, that did not include the foundation date of The FA. Or what a 'shag bag' was for. However, on other tables around the room, much debate regarding some of the questions could be heard taking place and for the first time in a long time, one team "Gambia" nailed both free drinks. Shout out to "Peckham Pouncers", welcome aboard. The elegant, suave good manners with which you saved all our blushes by coming third were duly noted, and you're better at crosswords than you think you are! ANNNNNND finally, I must earnestly welcome "Bamber Gascoigne" back to the top spot. For the moment......... See you next week!

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