Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, Feb 27 2018 20:00

A sovereign remedy for a cold (night)

Keith H to raise the temperature. People are trying to scare me. At half time just one and a half points separated the entire field, and it hadn't spread much after a very intense second half. I'll assume that the Roger Moore fan Club had heard of the sad death today of Lewis Gilbert, who directed Mooonraker, ...and in a spirit of generosity conceded the £20 prize to newcomers (oh, do stay) The Jobberwocks, Gambia obviously threw themselves by leading at the break (a certain national cricket team would sympathise) but contributed in their own inimitable style to the debate surrounding the Seinfeld question. It might be a boy thing, is all I'm saying. Meanwhile, Bamber Gascoigne's Underpants, looking nothing like any team that has ever competed at this venue, AT ALL, just got pipped for top spot by the only card-carrying team I have ever met, the 346 club, who transported themselves an heroic distance to win on what they promise is the first appearance. Oh, Happy days!

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