Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, Mar 20 2018 20:00

ah. Right. No-one Here Speaks Cornish. Well, I'll be.......

Keith H

...but on the other hand, some of the guesses at that one displayed a better grasp of British geography than I ever had. And while I'm on that, 'Generation Gap', are you listening? Some of your near misses were very near indeed! The middle order scrap, though, was incredibly close, but 'Team Bubbles' held their nerve to rescue the £20 prize by not getting carried away in the second half. But We Thought... strolled in after a while away (they never write, they never phone...) to snatch the first prize away from all its other past winners who were scattered around the room. It was a tough field, mesdemoiselles, well done. I suspect that the manufacturers of KitKat, had they been in tonight, would have been demanding a recount. If that makes no sense to you, gentle reader, you needed to be there. Really you did. Pop along. It's simply the loveliest evening.

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