Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, Oct 23 2018 20:00

Apparently There Wasn't Anything Good On The Telly...

Keith H

... But half term meant we were a small but select gathering, with some wonderfully reasoned wrong answers and a good deal of phlegm in the face of that question about countries beginning with 'C'. It was lovely to see people continuing to experiment, with not so many team names as aliases these days. And wow! What did we think of that second half? All feedback gratefully received!
In other news, the offer in my last blog for quiz teams to try and get on to Al Murray's new TV series is still open. You had the email address on your tables, or it's in my last blog. Go for it! Local representation would be lovely!
Well done "Book Club", for an astute division of labour on the more lateral questions and nice to have "North/South Divide" back as our ambassadors to the Dining Room. Onwards! Upwards! It's almost time to light the fire...

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