Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, Mar 27 2018 20:00

Big Wing Theory

Keith H

Now there's a theory that Douglas Bader tried out during the Battle of Britain, that runs: the more people you have the better chance you have of swatting the opposition. He may not have been entirely original in that idea, at least in the military sphere. Tonight was proof neither for nor against the proposition. 'Bamber Gascoigne's Underpants', being but two (one for each leg, perhaps?) garnered our £20, and 'Piper's Pipers', being but five, returned after a sabbatical to collar the £30, so we'll all have to keep trying. If there were a prize for consistency, 'Gambia' would surely win it - exactly the same score in both rounds almost every week, when all about them were whispering 'Second Half's a bit tough this week...' and yes, 'Knight Riders', I do agree!

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