Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, Mar 06 2018 20:00

Complete this nursery rhyme: See-saw.........

Keith H

Amazingly often someone says 'If I get one question right, we'll be lucky' and then wins it. Not quite this time, but newcomers AKA Untouchables spoke these magic words ( well, one of them did - the other one hadn't even arrived at that point) and were in the lead at half time. Lads, lads, you weren't to know that Knight Riders have a surprising grasp of recent popular culture, (and MAYBE a knack with clever guesswork) but - what a start. And everyone else is keeping the ball in the air bigtime. Gambia and RMFC are hitting a stride, HH were amazingly consistent on their first appearance, and Blank (whose decision not to waste intellectual batteries on a name, SO nearly paid off) really rattled the cage. I was singing in the car on the way home. I was. You were lucky I'm not allowed to, during the quiz.

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