Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, Feb 06 2018 20:00

I don't know if I'm Coming or Going

Keith H

Old and new faces, everywhere I look. Almost every week someone decides to pitch in on the spur of the moment. This week, two delightful couples, hoping for a quiet dinner, found themselves suddenly called 'the Diner's Club' - and came precious close to getting said dinner with £30 off, coming second by only one point. They succumbed to another lovely couple, who won at the first attempt - no wonder they called themselves 'Back Of The Net!' ! The prize for consistency went (and I make no apology for this at all) to 'Michael Barrymore's Lifeguards' who remained comfortably afloat in both halves. Warm welcome to 'Farmer Giles' (who definitely weren't) with their very wide range of specialisms. Meanwhile, both 'Gambia' and 'Knight Riders' continue to experiment with their team selection in a manner 'Eddie Jones' would be proud of. This week It was 'Gambia' that pulled a £20 voucher out of the hat. Next.....?

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