Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, May 22 2018 20:00

I promised I'd do this..

Keith H

Well, tonight we proved that size really doesn't matter, with 'Drinks Club', an unaccustomed singleton tonight coming only half a point behind the biggest team, and two two-handers coming very close to winning. Now. all non-Jobbers can chat among yourselves, but I promised I'd look this up:

First, she got two in the same year (not sure if any other woman HAS ever done that) and it goes: 1950: The Heiress; 1951: All About Eve AND Samson and Delilah; 1952: A Place In the Sun (and yes, that's four in three consecutive years); 1954: Roman Holiday; 1955: Sabrina; 1961: The Facts of Life; 1974: The Sting. secondly, you should see what she didn't win for. Now anyone who wasn't there tonight but is eavesdropping can start researching. I can see a rich source of future questions here...

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