Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, Jul 17 2018 20:00

Is this a family show?

Keith H

See, there was this party having dinner, right, and they were quite interested in joining in, right? Only they had a little girl with them, didn't they, who is just at the 'Mummy, why.....' stage. And then they remembered they needed to be home before the watershed. With the question about Bobbet at No 3 in the first half, I can only say, 'Phew!!' However, I press-ganged a substitute youth team, Vision FM who came charging up on the outside rail (well, out of the garden anyway) to take the £20 bar tab by winning a tie-break about transport. and I take my hat off to 346 clubs (they're all ex bus service) for not gernashing their teeth TOO loudly on finding that they weren't involved in a tie-break question that was transport based. And, actually, well-done everyone for getting there on a night when traffic DEFINITELY wasn't helping. It was lovely bouncy, clever night, and about time The Oaksters topped the bill.

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