Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, Jul 03 2018 20:00

It May Be Coming Home - Unless Someone's Changed The Locks

Keith H

So there was this bladder kicking thing on, but we found three football-averse mates and... Oh, alright. One team turned up and agreed to compete as three teams of one, and the banter, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, the banter was in a different class altogether. We even had a tie-break, which, of course, decided both first and second to last prizes. The wonderful thing about erstwhile teammates, is their guesses are wonderful. Who wraps buildings in clingfilm? Of course, Tutankhamun. What was that flower? Well, yes, it did indeed begin with a 'p' (at least in this country), but NO. That is not hat RSVP stands for in any language. And who is Simon, anyway? Now, who won the bladder thing?

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