Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, Jun 12 2018 20:00

Just as well I've got a law degree!

Keith H

As someone said to me at the bar afterwards: "Well that was a quiz for the first half, and then it turned sharp left". I think you are doing this deliberately, aren't you? At half time we had two teams tying for each of the last two places. So, which was favourite for the all-important 'second-to-last-prize slot? In keeping with the old legal maxim 'Nisi indubitans, ostendit silentio plus sapientiae" ("If in doubt, belt up") I kept quiet about that. All the scores were very close and it would all come out in the wash, right? Wrong. At the end that four different teams were separated by one point. The appeal will be heard, unusually quickly, in December 2037. In the meantime my heartfelt thanks to Knight riders for taking the top spot by a genteel margin, and everyone else for being so nice about it, and setting me little problems to stave off the ageing process. And you will all have forgotten my old nick-name by the time we next meet, won't you?

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