Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, Jul 31 2018 20:00

My E.N.T. Guy Would Like To Thank You...

Keith H

I really think that was our biggest ever, and I for one went home buzzing. The final results were a complete turnaround from halftime; one just has to take the hat it was too hot to wear off to "Malaga" (the spur-of-the-moment couple) who really took off in the second half, "The Latecomers" and "Two's Company" who were the half strength for much of the time. The one that really tickled me was "Vision FM". I mentioned their rather, erm, disciplinarian approach to selection last week. This week, undeterred by one them breaking his foot, they were represented by the reserves, who had sensibly kidnapped two people born before 1985. That's what I call keeping the flag flying. In other news "Where's Dan?" found him (and their mojo generally) and surprisingly excelled in the knowledge of chick-flicks (awwww lads!) and, yet again, almost no-one got the Essex tube station. And we had more than one Gaelic speaker. That, I was not expecting. I can't name-check every one. We had ten teams scattered round the building, but each and every one of you contributed to an absolute blast of an evening, even without the dog. Great stuff!

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