Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, May 15 2018 20:00

Oh What a Night! ( Sorry, it was DON'T sing, wasn't it?) we even had a stand-in dog

Keith H

So lively were we that three nice quiet bystanders fled to another part of the bar, and in one of our biggest and busiest nights, I realised why I so like the quiz here: We had a dog ( we must have a dog, it's the law)even if we had to kidnap it off someone else. We had a new team that nearly won, and what I really, really enjoy, is that the lead keeps changing hands, no-one wins all the time, and people have a real sense of friendship and sportspersonship between tables. We had a bit of excited blurting, we discovered that our Dutch is almost universally poor ( although watching people guess in Dutch was very instructive.) Six teams were separated by four points. My heart may well not stand it.

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