Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, Dec 11 2018 20:00

The On-Loan Dog - And A Tail Of Several Wrinkles!

Keith H

What a jolly mayhem that was! It was delightful to see "John's Team" back, and gathering numbers - we do hope we can give you a warm new home. I mentioned (on a night where I had to consult the rule book a couple of times) that I'm considering a rule change, and I still haven't quite decided. If you follow the pub on Facebook or Twitter, or me on twitter (@KeithpHill) let me have brief note of anything you think might be fun - or fair.
In other news, I know I bang on about this, but a weird statistical bump I call Second Half Surge is becoming a bit of a house theme here. In particular congratulations to "The Archdeacons" who announced themselves by improving on their pre-interval performance by nearly 60%. I don't know how you do it, past the second pint my aptitude for anything falls off disastrously.
Finally thanks also to the hapless diners, who arrived at the bar just in time to donate their dog to the quiz, and render us quorate, just in time for me to start waxing on about orchids. I really was not ready for how many of you would get what I was on about.

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