Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, Dec 04 2018 20:00

We're All Cleverer Than We Think We Are, Apparently!

Keith H

I think everyone said to me at one point tonight: 'We had that answer down at first, but we changed it', and what with the entire field spread over only 5 points, and one of the funniest tie-breaks I can remember for first prize, what, oh what, might have happened had first convictions and courage been more aligned? As it was, feminine intuition carried the day splendidly. Well done "Jobberwocks" (a founder-member of our increasingly merry band) and "Let's Get Quizzical" for collaring everything except the second free drink between you.
And "Hoarders", I think you've hit on a plan: If you can't compel your own late adolescent relative to do the popular culture questions... steal someone else's.
It was actually in many ways an absolutely delightful night, with newish teams bringing rivals with them, and jollity and badinage in all directions... I didn't notice til I got home that nobody had brought the statutory dog.
I gather that the C-word has been bandied about rather, and I can confirm without favour that I am not booked for the Tuesday 25th December, which has absolutely nothing to do with St Basil's curious sense of timing. It's to do with my sister's cooking. However, I suspect that the 18th might have a certain festive whiff about it. I will do my best to ruin it, but you know how much my promises are worth.
Until next week.........

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