Jobber's Rest, Upminster Tue, Sep 25 2018 20:00

Where, Now You Ask, WAS Dan?

Keith H

How lovely to be home! How splendid the support from the venue. I am officially, an utter plank, the sort of utter plank that nearly didn't have any questions to ask. BUT I am also the sea-green incorruptible so what a relief it was that "Where's Dan?" celebrated their leaderless state by pipping "Gambia" at the tie-break to clear the winning, and welcome aboard to "Birthday Girl" who, form a distant outpost in the restaurant supplied just enough of the right sort of answers to cop for the £20 prize, which their popular culture specialist swore they would not win. How nice, too, to see people whose working day has not played nice still come along for the second half just for the spirit of the thing... All together now, from question two: "I'm reviewing (two, three) the situation (two, three)....". Next time, I'll be right on top of the game. Pwomise!

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