Jolly Farmer Tue, Nov 13 2018 19:30

Austin and Boston Rhyme .... If Your a Brummie!

Nick H

Having been asked 'Which two US state capitals rhyme', it was only those with a black country background who found the answer, being Austin and Boston (or Bostin if you have a Birmingham dialect!). Mind you it did produce some innovative answers: Trenton and Renton, Kansas and Dallas, Pontiac and Zodiac(!?!?!) and no more than could be expected from "Triple S"; New York New York!! Anyway, the top two teams of the evening, "Oh Sht!" and "Desperados" (who must have had an extra line in the Hotel California) worked it out but it was not quite enough for "Desperados" so "Oh Sht! " took the £40 bar and food voucher first prize. The "Chalfont Ladies" brought in reinforcements this evening and became the "Chalfont and Hillingdon Ladies" and it worked insofar as they came second last and accordingly took the £20 bar voucher second prize!

"ZZ Bottom" won the opportunity to draw from the Jackpot envelopes, but misguidedly selected envelope number 7 so the Cash Prize increases to £36 and rolls over to next weeks' Quiz Night at The Jolly Farmer: Tuesday 20th November; 7.00 pm arrival for a 7.30 pm start.

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Oh Sht!
Bench Manor
ZZ Bottom
TImothy Taylor's Landlord
Saz & Maz
Belle's Girls
Chalfont & Hillingdon Ladiers
Triple S