Jolly Farmer Tue, Nov 20 2018 19:30

Despite Having "No Idea", They Did The Business!

Nick H

Half way through the quiz it looked as though there may be an upset this evening with newcomers, team "Chaos" 3 points ahead of serial winners "No Idea", but "No Idea" made up the deficit in the second half and won the £40 bar and food voucher by virtue of a tiebreaker. "No Idea" were not however quite so clinical when it came to the Jackpot cash prize question in believing a bird could lay an egg weighing 19kg - it would need to be a bl**dy big bird!! The £20 bar voucher for coming second last was as always the target of several teams but "The good, The Bad and The Ugly" prevailed and we're still trying to work out which of the team members were portraying the good, bad and ugly... and that includes the dog!
Insofar as the Jackpot cash prize was concerned, "Chalfont Ladies" had a much more realistic view on 'how heavy was the largest recorded egg laid by a bird' and because there were four of them they picked envelope number 4. Bad choice, so the Jackpot cash prize increases to £50 and rolls over to next weeks quiz on Tuesday 27th November; 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start as per usual.

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