Jolly Farmer Tue, Feb 06 2018 19:30

The "Dynamic Duo" do it without Batman and Robin!

Nick H

With only three points separating all teams after the first half of the quiz at this evening's Quiz Night at the Jolly Farmer, it was the "Dynamic Duo" in the form of Wonder Woman and Catwoman (their husbands stayed at home) who showed their steel to fight off the "Quizzy Rascals" (in a tiebreaker) to rescue Gotham City and win the £40 bar and food voucher first prize.

Female superheroes were similarly present with team "Thorzina", but they also had a male superhero, which probably accounts for the fact they came second to last!! They did however go away with the evening's £20 bar and food voucher second prize.

Then we come to team "Despardos". What can I say. Well, they did win the opportunity to draw from the six remaining jackpot envelopes for the £95.50 cash prize and they are similarly made up of heroines and heroes. In however drawing a "bad luck" envelope, not quite "super" heroines/heroes yet - probably to much time spent in the Hotel California ...... or the bowls club bar?

Anyway, we do it all again next week with the jackpot cash prize rolling over and increasing to £108. Same place, day and time: Tuesday 13th February, 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.

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