Jolly Farmer Tue, Feb 13 2018 19:30

The "Fantastic Four" are ever the bridesmaids with the "The May's" prevailing the week

Nick H

A fascinating Quiz Night at The Jolly Farmer this week. We had a (non-participating) under 8's team (Abbie's Gang) for the first half of the quiz who achieved a very creditable score for their age. Interestingly, regulars "Quiz in my pants" only just managed o get the same points as them - something about mental age was mentioned! Even more interesting was the fact that they were the only teams along with "Desperados" (of Bowls Club fame) who got the right answer to the question: what is the common name for a nocturnal emission!?!?

As alluded to in the heading, the "Fantastic Four" are considering changing their team name to "The Bridesmaids" because of their form as runners-up, this week to "the May's" who took the £40 bar & food voucher first prize. We wish Mrs May the same fortune with her Brexit negotiations. Albeit depleted, this week we saw the return of our international contingent in the form of "The Three Huns" (no pun realised or intended) for the first time this year and they were duly rewarded by taking the evening's £20 bar & food voucher second prize.

As a couple, would you risk making up a team with your respective prospective in-laws? Well, "Stuck with the in-laws" did, just that and as well as coming third they also won the opportunity to draw from the five remaining jackpot envelopes for the £108 cash prize. In selecting envelope number 6 they regretfully drew a blank - hopefully not a reflection for on-going relations.

We do it all again next week with an increased jackpot cash prize of £123: Tuesday 20th February; 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.

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