Jolly Farmer Tue, Sep 04 2018 19:30

We had "The Dukes of Chalfont" but Daisy was a man!

Nick H

Yes, apparently that was/is his nickname at work, but based purely on his size, I for one had no intention of referring to him as Daisy! "Mr Duke", Sir seemed far more appropriate as I passed him the £20 bar and food voucher prize for coming second last.

Having performed so badly last week the daughter of team "The Bees" postponed going back to University by a week -, illustrating the importance of the Jolly Farmer Quiz Nights to the nation's education - if for no other reason but to prove a point, which she did. Up against last weeks winners renamed this week probably appropriately to "Distracted by Chips" as they obviously were, distracted by chips that is, enabling "The Bee's" to prevail by a single point and take the £40 bar and food voucher first prize.

First-timers "Definitely not first" won the opportunity to draw from the nine remaining Jackpot cash prize envelopes. Suffice to say that in drawing envelope number 8 the Jackpot cash prize increases to £86.50 and rolls over to next weeks Quiz Night at The Jolly Farmer when we do it all again: Tuesday 11th September; 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start as usual and all welcome as usual.

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