Kings Arms, Chelsea Thu, Aug 04 2016 20:00

By far the best night

Daniel C

Biggest night so far saw 25 people over 7 teams competing for tonight's top prize, team 'Dobby and the house elves' came out on top tonight with a staggering 41 points, team 'No beds' (who heard the quiz going on as they walked past and decided to join) won our other prize of 2 craft beers. Our free drink question was won by Ellen of team 'Dobby'. It was good to see so many newcomers joining in the fun with some of our regulars and enjoyed some north American rivalry between teams 'Canada' and 'Damn yankies. We had another roll over for our jack pot which has now rolled over for a second consecutive week. Roll on next week for more quizzing fun

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Dobby and the house elves
Orandos bloom
Malleble elbow
Damn yankies
Minica luquiziki
No beds