Kings Arms, Chelsea Thu, Nov 02 2017 20:00

USA V Canada and tie breaker needed

Daniel C

Very close one tonight with 'We just want to beat the Canadians' from the USA and 'The Immigrants' from Canada battling it out for our second to last 2 craft beers, which finally went to the Canadians who beat their rivals by 33-25. We had a tie for our top spot with 'Ronchins angels' and 'Quizin spacey' tieing on 40 points each so we needed a tie breaker, it was a close one but eventually went to Quizin Spacey. Team 'I like touching men's bums' gave me an embarrassing name to announce and were also nearly double winner, they grabbed our free drinks question and came agonisingly close to winning the £59 jack pot but were unable to convert into a win after getting the closest to question correct. Great teams, fantastic atmosphere, the Kings Arms is by far he best place to be on a Thursday evening.

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I like touching men's bums
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