Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, Apr 30 2017 19:30

And there goes another drink...

Jodyanne F

Spillage a plenty down at the Kings Arms tonight, but sodden answer sheets were not enough to put the teams off their games.
Aka John Palmer's four legged friend won Quiz Me Up Buttercup the bonus drink in round one whilst Mrs Brown's disapproval helped Did You Grope My Mate? take it in round two along with the bonus anagram point courtesy of Suri's daddy.
At the end of evening it was Quizners of Azkaban who toasted their near miss with the bonus bottle of house wine whilst We've All Had a Drink cheered aloud on learning of their overall victory - champions of the evening.
Everybody recognised Dufresne's deception, she of the plentiful paycheck and Bertie's begetter but the Vedic ritual slipped through their fingers.

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